Cynergy Fitness Stretch Bands Kit

Stretch Bands Kit

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Each band has a different resistance strength to prepare you for the next level. Start with the least until you can't feel any more pull from your muscles. Your muscle fibers will be used and tested every time you work out. The control you exhibit by performing one of the many exercises, allows for the muscle to strengthen itself and have the appropriate resting time as well.

Resistance bands save you time and money in your everyday routine. No monthly gym fees and you will eliminate the reason to drive to a gym. Use your own home, with whatever space you have. Even do a few rounds while on the phone with a client. They can be used with other routines like Yoga or Pilates.

Toning your body has never been so easy. Quit using multiple methods to get one effect on the temple of your body. Bands can and will take care of everything you need without the unnecessary effort. Take your conditioning to a whole new level!

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