The VersaLift Story

February 28, 2014

Drive through any neighborhood on a Saturday when homeowners have their garages doors up (this is a serious security issue) and you’ll see that garage clutter is a common problem.  The reason is simple:  Homes are not built with enough utility storage space! Generally, interior storage space is well thought out and provisions are made for storage, for example, closets for clothing, pantries for food, cabinets for dishes, linen, etc.  However, when it comes to utility storage for your home you get a one, two, or three-car garage: It’s an empty box and, unfortunately, you’re on your own to find a way to organize all of the stuff you need to put in there and still end up with space to park your cars.

Gaining Access to Attic Storage Space Just Got Easier with Versa Lift Attic Lifts!

You can add some cabinets in your garage and they are definitely helpful for storing and organizing small items. However, there are just too many bulky things that won’t fit into cabinets such as: ice chests, canister shop-vacs, luggage, camping gear, fishing tackle, auto ramps, jacks, fertilizer spreader, pump sprayer, shovels, buckets, hose reels, pressure washer, carpet shampooer, gardening tools, boxes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations the list goes on!

Photo of Versa Lift in attic


You can resort to shelves, hooks and wire ceiling racks that let you stack it, rack it, or hang it from the ceiling, but your garage will still look and feel cluttered! Because let’s face it, you still have to look at it all, even if it is hanging on the walls or from the ceiling. And, utility items don’t really qualify as decorative wall hangings. Furthermore, standing on a ladder each time you need to retrieve something you stored in a ceiling rack is nobody’s idea of convenience, not to mention the fact it is very dangerous and can lead to an accidental fall and serious injury!


Diagram of Versa Lift operation


Attic Lifts Are The Ultimate Storage Solution

The ultimate solution to garage clutter: just make it disappear like magic when you’re not using it and get it back in seconds when you need it!

How? You can develop your home’s hidden asset (the attic storage space) by installing a Versa Lift push-button attic lift systems from us.

Most homes have usable attic storage space, but it is typically either undeveloped, or at least, under-developed. Your attic may be poorly lighted, might not have decking (flooring) over the ceiling joists and, typically, the only way to put things up there is to carry them up the narrow ladder not only difficult, but also very dangerous.

But don’t despair! Now you can convert your attic into the ultimate storage solution.  Just add some lights, plywood decking, and a Versa Lift and your attic can become a huge hidden storage area with push-button access to store and retrieve garage clutter items in seconds!

Versa Lift. It’s Like Storage Magic: Now you see it; now you don’t!

The Versa Lift is a powerful electric attic lift that eliminates the need to risk serious injury by trying to get storage items up a narrow, shaky ladder.  The push-button remote control sends down the lifting platform hidden inside the attic. The lifting platform stops instantly when it reaches the floor below. Next, you load the platform with up to 200 lbs. of storage items and press the up button on the hand-held remote control. In just seconds the load is transported into the attic and out of sight! Upstairs the lifting platform automatically stops flush with the attic floor so you can simply slide storage boxes off the platform without lifting them, a unique Versa Lift feature.