Storage Unit Or Organizational Techniques?

February 28, 2014

Storage UnitsWhen your house starts to get crowded, where do you usually put your stuff? Crowded all over your house? Most like the idea of the many units available for storage. They can pay a monthly fee and have their stuff stored somewhere else. Occasionally, you will see units sitting in the front yard. These are special, you pay for the use of the container and choose whether to have it transported or just leave it at your home. Can you name the problems here?

The normal problems are security, temperature, access and ugliness. Did you realize that all of this could be completed easier with the right home storage?

Security: Just how secure is that storage unit? Could someone just climb a fence and cut the locks with a bolt cutter? If you go at night can you guarantee you will be safe for theft? Finding a storage unit with all that, might be a little difficult. That’s when you should look at your garage. You can store plenty in there and not have to worry about anything!

Temperature: Is the temperature controlled? Could you put your art in there and not have it smoldering? What will happen to your boxes if there isn’t some sense of temperature control in there? You are trusting all your items to them. Unless you want to pay a lot of money, finding a good temperature controlled unit, is not going to happen. Again, with your garage, you can control whatever you want. The items aren’t left to the mercy of the unit, they are left to your mercy.

Access: Access is a big portion of storing your belongings in a unit. You will scope out a place that isn’t too far from the house. No reason to drive an hour just to find that one box. Sometimes, your access will be circumvented because of freak accidents. It happens, even if only rarely depending on your unit. If you decide to switch to your garage, you will be amazed about access. 24/7 access, all the time, anytime! That beats any drive!

Ugliness: This only applies to one set of storage units. The ones you leave in your yard or driveway. What does that do to your curb value? It doesn’t help it any, that’s for sure. An easy fix would be to keep everything in the garage. You still want to use that for your car, that’s fine. Just find the right systems to put items in the right areas.

This article doesn’t even include the cost of keeping up a storage unit. The monthly bill that no one can afford to keep. There are so many organizational systems that will help you! All you need is a little insight into utilizing all the space in the garage, even the negative space.

Your left with a decision, spend the time on the garage or deal with a payment and aggravation of trying to get your stuff. Which sounds more appealing?